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We have set a high ambition for Sheffield to become the fairest city in Britain. For this to happen, many things need to change: the culture of the city, those who make strategic decisions for it, and everyone who lives and works here.

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fairness principles

Given that fairness is a complex concept, the Fairness Commission developed the following guidelines to help policymakers and citizens make Sheffield a fairer place for everyone.

  • Civic responsibility - all residents to contribute to making the city fairer and for all citizens to have a say in how the city works
  • Those with the most resources should make the biggest contributions
  • The commitment to fairness must be for the long-term
  • The commitment to fairness must be across the whole city
  • Preventing inequalities is better than trying to cure them
  • To be seen to act in a fair way as well as acting fairly
  • Those in greatest need should take priority
  • An open continuous campaign for fairness in the city
  • Fairness must be a matter of balance between different groups, communities and generations in the city
  • The city’s commitment to fairness must be both demonstrated and monitored in an annual report

Download a printable version of the Fairness Charter here.


Help + Advice

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Fairer Sheffield Guide

This guide contains information about the range of services and providers in Sheffield that can work with and help people who are struggling to make ends meet or who need other types of support.

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The guide is organised according to the challenges that people sometimes face and includes suggested questions that might help you to access help for your particular situation, or if you are supporting someone else, to help them feel able to confide in you.

We also recommend the Sheffield Directory: which has lots of useful and up to date contact information.

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Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Sheffield offer a range of free advice services to help you find a way forward, whatever the problem.

  • For online free advice and self-help resources
  • For an assessment by telephone or to find a local service
  • For information on volunteering and other ways to get involved

Website    |    Twitter @CitizensAdvice

Advice Line 03444 113 111


Other Resources

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Gender Pay Gap

LINK: Gender pay gap explained

Gender pay gap regulations and equal pay

LINK: Gender pay gap reporting

For employers to report an organisation’s gender pay gap data

Employers with 250 or more employees must publish figures comparing men and women’s average pay across the organisation.

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Equality Hub Network

The Equality Hub Network brings communities and decision makers together to work for positive change. The Network is open to all who are interested in equality, diversity and fairness.

 Sign up for Updates    |    Twitter @equalityhubnwk

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The Fairness Commission

The Fairness Commission published its report in January 2013, a copy of which is available to download here

The vision is for Sheffield to become the fairest city in Britain. To do this many things will need to change – the culture of the city, those who work within it, those who make decisions for it, and most importantly everyone who lives here.

You can also read copies of the annual reviews of progress so far:

Sheffield Fairness Commission Annual Review 2017

Sheffield Fairness Commission Annual Review 2016

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Universal Basic Income

There has been an increasing amount of discussion about UBI in recent years as a potential solution to the changes that we face in the world of work. Here are some for and against cases for you to start exploring the debate:


Universal Basic Income - Not the answer to poverty

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A collaborative project seeking to explore the potential of A universal basic income pilot in Sheffield.