Our Fair Employer Charter


Sheffield is committed to becoming the fairest city in the country. Local employers will support this ambition, recognising that championing fairness is important for the city and also central to recruiting and retaining the most talented individuals and clients and contributing to the best type of economic growth.

Business leaders in Sheffield have therefore developed the Fair Employer Charter.

  • Instil a culture of fairness, teamwork, engagement, accountability and enjoyment.
  • Ensure that all staff have the opportunity to seek out innovative practices and products and contribute to sustainable growth.
  • Aspire to exceed the recognised living wage, promote fair and flexible contracts of employment, and deploy recruitment and employment practices that identify and support talent, value diversity and promote aspiration and social mobility.

  • Commit to the delivery of excellent working conditions, high ethical standards, positive health and wellbeing. and training, development and reward opportunities for all.

  • Promote the Our Fair City Campaign to other Sheffield organisations.


Fairer Food Charter


The Our Fair City campaign supports a fairer food system in Sheffield.

Outlined below is our Fairer Food Charter, which identifies our priorities for Sheffield’s food system, and our Fair Food Chain Standards, aimed specifically at food producers, suppliers and retailers.


  • Everyone has the right to nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food.
  • While poverty is the root problem, rather than ‘food poverty’, urgent action is required to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food and the resources to cook it.
  • Sheffield should produce a food plan to prioritise local produce, ensure access to quality food for all, and promote the importance of avoiding food waste at home and in business.
  • Everyone should have access to education and resources which help them to better understand where their food comes from, the importance of a balanced diet, and how to obtain and cook healthy meals. This education should start in schools.
  • Policy makers should support and value food enterprises which promote local jobs and food production, fair employment and a fair food chain.


  • We will ensure that food waste is minimised.
  • We will ensure that the city’s food banks receive any food that is deemed surplus to requirements.
  • We will ensure that our suppliers adhere to the fair food standards and pay their workers fairly.
  • We will ensure that food is produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that protect the environment.
  • We will encourage the food and drinks industry to reduce the sugar and saturated fat contents of their products.